That Crouchfest Episode

This episode takes you access all areas at Wembley Arena to experience a night that was scarcely believable. You’ll hear what happens backstage at an event like Crouchfest and from those people who have signed up to take part without really knowing what to expect. You get taken inside the dressing room as well as being able to re-live the best parts of the show that happened on stage.

When an evening includes performances from Paul Potts, Olly Murs and the finest UK Garage MCs, plus David James as a landlord and frequent visits to the Samrat, you never quite know which direction it’s going to turn next…

Peter, Chris, Dave and the pod team would like to thank everyone who played a role in the event and for everyone who bought tickets to see the show. An unforgettable night like Crouchfest 2 is only possible because of the loyalty and fun that all of our listeners bring. Cheers!

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