Abbey Clancy does the peter crouch robot

At the launch party for the new podcast drink, Peter’s wife does his robot dance for the first time ever in front of an audience. They’re also treated to a Jennifer Lopez tribute act, a chat with a funeral director and an emotional song paying tribute to Mike Dean.

Peter crouch goes through his premier league contract clause by clause

In ‘That Contracts Episode’ Peter Crouch brings an old contract from his days at Stoke City in the Premier League. You’ll learn what clubs do to motivate players, the clauses that are important for footballers and some random stipulations that don’t make much sense.

Peter crouch's loan moves

Gold bracelets, Swedish girlfriends and Holly Willoughby. After experiencing three loan moves during his career, Crouchy tells us what it’s like to be at a club on a temporary basis. You’ll learn about conversations between managers and players, how the moves are sold and what happens when your move involves moving to a new country with one friend aged just 18.

that aaron ramsdale episode

The episode from the pub we recorded with Arsenal’s number one Aaron Ramsdale! Amongst the discussion points; Draught Excluders, Parched, Premier League managers’ bed time routines and the outfield demands that are placed on a modern day goalkeeper.

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